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June 4, 2015

Did you know how many people apply to the average job? 10? 20?

Try over a hundred.

According to Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith, the average job will have 118 applicants, of which only 20% will get an interview. Kind of depressing to think about, right?

Your resume and cover letter are the first (and often only) chance you get to wow a recruiter or hiring manager and set yourself apart from the slew of other applicants. No matter how qualified or totally awesome you are, if your resume doesn’t grab attention straight off the bat, you’re unlikely to get a follow up call or interview.

In recent years, creative resumes have become a popular way to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Although this style of resume is not appropriate for all industries and positions, those looking to work in a creative industry may benefit from stepping outside of the box.

Creative resumes are great because they are eye catching, demonstrate your creativity, and can give the hiring manager or recruiter a better understanding of who you are as a person. And more importantly — you’ll stand out. Even if you aren’t the most qualified applicant, you’re likely to be remembered just from your unique resume.

Creative resumes do take some trial and error to get right. Take, for example, these resumes I created earlier in the year.

sample creative resumes
While I adored the look of the pink and teal resume, I decided toning it down to the blue and grey combination was a better idea. As it turns out, it was a good move — while the pink version of the resume didn’t get much response, I got several follow-ups and interviews from the blue one.

Although there is some degree of risk in sending out creative resumes that go against the fold, I think the potential benefits far outweigh it.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at a few of my favorite creative resume examples.


| Resume by Stephanie Bullock |


Resume by Kelly Haller |



| Resume by Evelien Callens |

Even if you aren’t  a design oriented person, you still have lots of options! Smashfreakz has a great list of free creative resume templates you can check out, and there a tons more out there that are free to use.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, think outside of the box! Wow a recruiter or hiring manager with a creative resume to give them a taste of who you really are.

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