DIY Mint Sun Tea

August 16, 2015
sun tea in glass

Iced tea is one of summer’s true pleasures, and I’ve found a recipe that is unfairly delicious considering how easy it is to make. By combining black tea with fresh mint leaves and allowing the flavors to gently merge together by setting it out in the sun, you get a crisp, delicious mint sun tea that can be served over ice on a hot day.

sun tea recipe
All you need is 3-4 bags of black tea (I used Celestial Seasonings’ Morning Thunder, but you can use whatever you have on hand) and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Pour eight cups of room temperature water in a pitcher and toss the tea bags and mint straight in.

sun tea ingredients in pitcher
Now find a patch of sunlight! Let your tea seep for about an hour before pouring out a small amount to taste. If the tea flavor is where you like it, take a tea bags (only the tea bags!) out. If not, let it seep for another 30 or so minutes. Be careful not to let the tea bags seep for too long or it will quickly turn bitter. Once the tea bags are out, you can transfer the pitcher to the fridge to chill.

Keep the mint leaves in for longer so the flavor has time to infuse. I like to leave them in for around 8 hours to get the ideal level of mintyness before removing them from the pitcher.

finished sun tea

The result is a crisp, refreshing tea that is perfect for hot summer days. I don’t drink it with sweetener, but adding a little Agave can pep it up if you like.


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