Fort Collins: The Waffle Lab

August 20, 2015
waffle lab truck

Roaming around the streets of Fort Collins is a wonderful, mythical thing: The Waffle Lab. Ok, it’s not mythical, but their food is so delicious it might as well be.

Although you mostly have to depend on their Facebook page to figure out where they’ll be hanging out on a given day, they tend to stay around Old Town on weekends so that the brunch crowd can easily find them. And let me tell you—after a late night, nothing tastes better than a hot, fresh waffle!

waffles nomzAlthough you can’t go wrong with their Classic Liege Waffle, they also have a ton of drool-worthy waffles that are dressed up with delicious things. On my last trip I tried the Maple Bacon Bliss (which really is bliss) and my friend Megan had the European.

Although I really enjoy food trucks in general, this one really goes above and beyond. So if you happen to spot the Waffle Lab truck around town, be sure to pop over for a quick bite—you won’t regret it!

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