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diy terrarium

DIY Terrarium (For $25!)

Despite my history of being a terrible plant mommy, I decided it was time to bring a little more green into my apartment and give plant growing a try once more. I wanted something low maintenance that didn’t require a lot of direct sunlight…

June 8, 2015
free printables

Free Printables!

I was bit by the creative bug recently and had the urge to do a little bit of playing around in Photoshop. The end result? Some free printables that I’m thrilled to share with my readers!…

May 19, 2015
Magazines and Coffee

Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays. They are the one day a week I set aside for myself, and I try to spend most of the day relaxing and making time for the things I haven’t has time for in the midst of the week’s craziness. This weekend,…

October 5, 2014