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Healthier workday: woman's hands at desk

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Workday

Take it from someone who spends most of her day staring at a screen—office jobs can be hard on your health. After I graduated from college and began working full time, I started to realize how important it was to integrate activity into my…

July 1, 2015

Stand Out with a Creative Resume

Did you know how many people apply to the average job? 10? 20? Try over a hundred. According to Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith, the average job will have 118 applicants, of which only 20% will get an interview. Kind of depressing to think about,…

June 4, 2015
job hunting

5 Ways to Make Job Hunting a Breeze

Let’s be honest—job hunting is never fun. Between the endless resumes, constant rejection, and anxiety that comes with a career transition, it easily tops my “least favorite things to do” list. But it is also a necessary evil that can lead to fantastic opportunities…

May 29, 2015
get out of a slump

5 Ways to Get Past a Slump

Everyone has periods of time when they may be feeling down and not at their best. It may be just for a day or might drag on for weeks. But even though you may feel like nothing can brighten your mood when you’re in…

May 15, 2015