Camping at Steamboat Lake State Park

June 29, 2015
Hahn's Peak Top

If you’ve noticed my absence from blogging as of late, I swear I have a good reason! Last week I got to spend four wonderful days with my whole family at Steamboat Lake State Park in Clark, Colorado. Although family camping trips were common throughout my childhood, it had been years since I had got to go on one. It was a jam-packed couple of days, but between the breathtaking views and time spent with family, it was well worth it.

Steamboat LakeColorado in summer is usually a site to see, but with all of the rain we got in the spring, it is especially vivid. Our camp site was nestled between a small lake and thousands of acres of open space.Steamboat Lake camp SiteAnd did I mention that our camp site was in a field of flowers? Literally. A giant field of flowers, like what you would read about in a book. These gorgeous blossoms, called Mule’s Ears, were in full bloom and covered the ground practically everywhere you looked.Hans Peak boat Hahn's Peak ViewOne of our funnest adventures was hiking Hahns Peak. At an evaluation of 10,839 feet, it was definitely one of the highest and most strenuous hikes I’ve gone on. But, huffing and puffing as we were, everyone (including my rockstar 5-year-old cousin) made it to summit.Hahn's Peak HikeSteamboat Springs Coffee ShopSince Steamboat was only a 40 minute drive away, we also spent some time exploring the city. I loved the literary-inspired names of the specialty lattes at a local coffee shop–Mr. Darcy was my favorite. (For obvious reasons. Sigh.)Hahn's Peak SunsetAlthough leaving was bittersweet, I’m doing my best to get back in the swing of things here. But I will always treasure the wonderful times and great memories built on this trip!

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